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Finding your
Golden Connection

 How to understand your present connections, seek out healthy new connections and find your golden connection

Human connection is arguably the most important part of our lives.
When our connections are healthy and positive, it is very easy to be happy and fulfilled.

When our connections suffer, so do we. 

Our new theory decodes and defines the connection at the core of every relationship.

The categories of inquiry are: foundational, ease,  situational, sexuality and alignment, with 30 subcategories within.
By understanding how your connections measure up within each of these categories, you will be able to zero in on areas to strengthen or detach from each.

Learn a new language to describe your connections.

An eclipse prospect is a potential new lover you would want to be wary of, as your light is covered up by theirs, and it can be difficult to be seen when you are around them. These can commonly happen in romantic relationships when one person has a lot of money, fame or power.


A star connection on the other hand describes stars as bright, shimmering and far away. You look up to them and admire them. It’s important that Star connections are people to learn from, admire, and watch their habits. Try not to put expectations on them or count on them to be there for you when you need them. Star connections generally have a medium to low level of Perceived Received Caregiving, very high Perception of Life Experiences, and low Platonic intimacy. Although it is easy to desire someone that is a Star connection, you need to be careful in partnering with them romantically or in business, especially if the Power equality is low. 

Want to learn a better vocabulary? Read the book to level up your understanding, fast track your relationship development and become a master of connection.

Jonathan Green, CA

"The Rosetta Stone of Relationships- Decode your passions, your partners, your purpose with people."

Who is this book for?
  • Those that desire a long term partner but can’t figure out why things keep going wrong

  • Those ready to stop wasting their time on Mr/Miss Wrong

  • Those who want to expand their relationship language

  • Those that love enneagrams, meyer briggs, human design, astrology: anyone who likes categorizing themselves and others

  • Those who want to understand all of their relationships better

  • Those that are looking for a shortcut to understanding human connection, love and friendship

Lisa Driver, MI

"An important tool in the belt for anyone seeking depth and language to  

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