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For every person that you interact with physically or digitally, there is a connection. Our mission is to map that connection, create language for it, and bring a stronger understanding and framework for being able to recognize and discuss these connections, so that we may better understand ourselves and each other.



My vision is for healthier, more aligned human connections which I believe is one of the main ingredients for happiness.

I’ve decided to create a framework and assign language to human connections, which will broaden the conversation from the limiting constraints of relationship titles, and describe instead the connection itself. I hope this will open an inquiry into the types of connections we are maintaining, which could create all sorts of different outcomes such as:

Finding your Golden Connection
Learning what characteristics we value in our connections, and practicing recognizing these characteristics in our current connections, or seeking them out in new connections.
Recognizing patterns in our connections
Letting go of unhealthy connections
Allow ourselves to be present in connection and value them for what they are, not project expectations onto what they should be
Broader language to define connections
Freeing ourselves of expectations, shame or guilt around maintaining some connections
Strengthening healthy connections


Joe Tandle is a successful community builder and leader for over 24 years as well as a seasoned entrepreneur and cultural artist. His love for people and healthy communication is apparent in every interaction. He has built community all over the world, and currently lives in Bali, mapping connections every day.

The new framework for
Human Connection.


The Book

Deepen your connection

How to understand your present connections, seek out healthy new connections and find your golden relationship

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